About us

We are people who carry out each project on the basis of well-established knowledge and experience.

It is thanks to them that we are richer in knowledge and skills that allow us to develop and create an increasingly creative approach to business.


We are specialists for whom creating a pragmatic strategy based on a combination of marketing and HR knowledge allows us to build strong, developing brands.

What makes us stand out

What makes us stand out?

Many specialists can boast of education and experience.

We, in addition to the vast knowledge gained in international companies and during the implementation of many marketing projects, can demonstrate great commitment, a sense of the mission of your brand’s success and, above all, honesty.

We know that each of us has sincere intentions and your success is our common success. We believe in honesty and we offer it ourselves in dealing with each client.

Today, our entire team strives for your success, which can be achieved by your company, no matter what stage of development it is currently at.

We work to support you in your daily strategy building and we teach you how to combine synergies between marketing and HR in order to create a strong business.

People are the most important and this is the basis of our company’s strategy.

We want to be the best at what we do and pinch. . . NO! – pass a handful of our knowledge to customers.

We carry out tasks for clients with undisguised passion.

Each of them is treated individually, as a priority and we select a strategy thanks to which we achieve optimal results.

A solid portion of information, abundantly flavored with positive emotions, innovation and experiences that have strengthened our company – this is what we will bring to your company.

We set a new direction in the consulting and design business by combining two areas.

This combination is the beginning of a new quality of services and mutual understanding of both HR and Marketing.

About us

Łukasz Bień

For the last 17 years I have been developing the image of many businesses by creating and improving the HR area.

I learned from the best and worked with the best to change the HR reality.

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I worked in Poland, then in Europe, and currently I operate in the Global arena, responsible for HR processes from the USA to Malaysia.

Over the years of combining work and passion for travel, I have gathered a variety of experiences. Successes and failures have taught me that people create businesses – everyone, regardless of their position or place in the structure – and their commitment and level of motivation determine whether a given company will be successful.

Now I share my experience with others and help businesses achieve results above expectations, and when creating the most effective strategies, I usually enjoy the best food, as befits a lover of world cuisine.

Łukasz Tchurz

For 12 years I have been developing the marketing department in a company with 5 branches in Europe.

At the same time, since 2008, I was building a family business. Today I am the owner of two brands: Neuromind and Krebs.

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In my approach to business, I am guided by respect and authenticity towards the client and his employees.

Experience and the need for continuous development have resulted in powerful knowledge in the field of marketing and its automation. Today, I support others as an experienced marketer, as well as a Certificate HR Business Partner and a Certified Business Trainer.

I am close to the emotions of today’s entrepreneurs who struggle with numerous problems related to running a team, motivating it, dealing with competition and being an authentic leader.

And in the privacy of my private life, I am an admirer of good food, which tastes best when traveling with my family.


Our vision is a pragmatic approach to synergy between HR and marketing, which is a bright future for businesses.

This idea guides our actions to achieve the business goals of our clients.


The greatest value in any organization is human.

It is with this assumption that we cross the threshold of the organization to be able to share our knowledge and experience.

Our authenticity and honesty is the key to strengthening the awareness of entrepreneurs, and this is a simple way to success.



We set a new direction in the consulting and design business by combining two areas.

This combination is the beginning of a new quality of services and mutual understanding of both HR and Marketing.

Business support

We will help you achieve above-average results at every stage of your business development.

Efficient synergy

We strive to smoothly combine two areas – HR and marketing, in order to develop a strong brand of clients.

Respect for people

People are behind the success of each company.

Only mutual respect, which is beyond all divisions, will make the team capable of crossing all boundaries.

Competency development

We will share our knowledge and the best solutions that we have developed with clients.

This is the best way to raise awareness in companies.



We live and work in line with our values and beliefs. This internal consistency and credibility allows us to reliably support our clients.

Understanding business

A dozen or so years of cross-sector experience in project management allows us to use the best-suited solutions and tools. In any situation and in any business.


We proactively support our clients, taking care of their needs and looking for opportunities to constantly improve our cooperation.

Business honesty

We believe that consistent and uncompromising pursuit of moral and ethical values helps in achieving goals.