Shared Services Center

A well-thought-out and properly conducted SSC implementation will bring many benefits to your business

From eliminating duplicate processes, through their optimization,
ending with knowledge management.

Shared services center

The Modern Services Sector is doing very well.

Many companies are looking for stable locations for their businesses, primarily in the context of providing HR processes, which from year to year are gaining more and more importance on the horizon of services provided in SSC.

Our role is to support the process of creating and implementing the newly emerging HR area in SSC.

Extensive expertise in building and managing SSC will ensure your business to take full advantage of such a solution

Who is SSC dedicated to?

The concept of HR SSC/BPO (Business Process HR Outsourcing) is an ideal solution for your company if you want to optimize processes and costs in areas that do not constitute your core business, but directly affect the faster and more balanced development of the entire organization.

Komu dedykowane jest SSC?
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What will you gain by implementing SSC?

Noticeably raised standard of the services provided

Increase in process efficiency

Standardization and automation of processes

Streamlining the exchange and application of best practices through complete process documentation

Centralizing selected functions by optimizing organizational structures

Consolidation and reduction of costs related to process delivery

Implementation of tools ensuring the elimination of losses and unnecessary activities in processes.

Freeing up time in business so that you can focus on the strategic aspects of management.

Zobacz, co dzięki nam zyskasz

HR function outsourcing – full or partial?

Securing process continuity is a priority for many organizations going through the stage of transformation aimed at creating an SSC function or those looking for outsourcing solutions.

If you need support, we are ready to guide your company through a carefully planned transformation process. We will be an excellent partner in the following configurations:

Outsourcing funkcji HR – pełny czy częściowy?


In the Business Process HR Outsourcing model, providing sensitive HR data, such as payroll or recruitment, as well as the overall HR area.


We will deliver typical, transactional or administrative HR activities that require partial interaction with your employees.


In the HR Information Systems model, we will provide technological support in the field of system administration (Process Performance Indicators – PPIs).

We will be up to the task if you entrust us with:

Preparation of HR Service Catalog and HR Taxonomy

Appropriate preparation of the HR services catalog, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities of individual team members, has a positive impact on the experience resulting from contacts between employees and representatives of the HR department.

Effective recruitment of the best candidates

We understand what working in HR SSC is and what competences are required to effectively deliver not only transactional but also consulting services.

Development and implementation of the Process Warehouse (TM) model

It is the basis of all process documents necessary to ensure the appropriate quality and timely delivery of HR processes, and above all, to ensure process continuity.

Implementation of process improvements

The improvements we propose can be used in various regions, but their effectiveness will also remain the same regardless of the country to which they will be delivered.

Why is it worth delegating HR services to an external company?

Obniżone koszty obsługi HR

Reduced HR support costs

Zwiększona efektywność procesowa

Increased process efficiency

Dostęp do szerokiej ekspertyzy i narzędzi HR

Access to extensive expertise and HR tools

Optymalizacja i standaryzacja procesowa

Process optimization and standardization

Znacznie poprawiony proces zarządzania informacją

Much improved information management process

Większa elastyczność i czas reakcji

Greater flexibility and response time

Większy fokus HR na strategicznym wsparciu biznesu

Increased HR focus on strategic business support

Zdefiniowane wskaźniki jakościowe (SLA, KPI, PPI)

Defined quality indicators (SLA, KPI, PPI)