HR Start-Up and crisis management

"If you don't start investing in HR, when you exceed 50 people in the company and you are on the way to 150 people, something will definitely go very badly"

Marc Andreessen, High Growth Handbook – ELAD GIL


Avoid mistakes when implementing HR solutions

Running a startup is not only about creating a business idea. It’s about defining strategic goals and convincing others why it’s worth getting involved in this idea.

We have experience that will help you avoid many unforeseen situations, which in the case of such a dynamic environment as Start-Up is extremely valuable knowledge.

StartUp – give him a chance to spread his wings by allowing us to:

Creation of procedural documentation

Creation of full process documentation in the form of Process Warehouse, consisting of: Work Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures, Process Workflows.

Implementation of effective recruitment

Designing an effective recruitment strategy that allows you to attract the best candidates.

Preparation of the process directory

Preparation of a complete portfolio of HR processes with the division of responsibilities and roles.

Employer Branding projects

Organizing an effective EB campaign ensuring adequate brand visibility.

Areas in which we will provide you with support

Rekrutacja i selekcja pracowników

Recruitment and selection of employees

Program wdrożeniowy nowych pracowników

Introductory program for new employees

Polityka wynagrodzeń i benefitów

Remuneration and benefits policy

Zarządzanie procesami HR

HR process management

Wsparcie w budowaniu kultury organizacyjnej

Support in building organizational culture

Zarządzanie talentem w firmie

Talent management in the company

Wdrożenie i zarządzanie modelem kompetencyjnym

Implementation of the competency model

Program outplacement'owy

Outplacement program

Thanks to us you will gain:

Analysis of the actual needs of the client

HR Employee Life Cycle concept developed and implemented

Implementation of the SSC concept (Shared Services Center) along with the preparation of all necessary components

Implementation of HR strategy elements:


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Our experience in effectively building HR functions in various business sectors – including SSC or BPO in combination with a well-thought-out HR strategy, especially when creating a new business or entering a new market, may turn out to be crucial.

Zobacz, co dzięki nam zyskasz

HR Employee Life Cycle

The employee’s life cycle is a journey that begins when he is interested in working with him. The entire cycle runs through 5 different stages:

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The implementation of the Employee Life Cycle is possible thanks to effective change management and the development of an effective Employer Brand concept. You don’t have to do it yourself.

We will support you in this arduous and difficult process.