HR Advisory

Key to success of every great idea, is effective implementation.

We know this, that’s why we provide not only pragmatic advisory services and project management , but most of all we do take full responsibility for implementing our recommended solutions or improvements. We simply know how.


People are behind the success of every company

We know what tools allow employees to spread their wings and achieve results above expectations.

That is why we only implement proven solutions and a pragmatic approach in consulting.

Przywiązujemy dużą wagę do analizy strategii biznesowych naszych Klientów.
Przywiązujemy dużą wagę do analizy strategii biznesowych naszych Klientów.

Areas of our support for you:

HR audit

Audit is the first and most important step towards improving HR effectiveness.

We verify different aspects of HR function, focusing mainly on the following:

  • policies,
  • processes workflows,
  • procedures & regulations,
  • process documentation,
  • HR systems.

We also look into key processes, like hiring process, onboarding, annual talent review, offboarding, total rewards and exit interview.

As a result, you get a very objective and reliable picture of HR effectiveness in your company, that will allow to implement necessary upgrades or changes.

Onboarding process

Onboarding begins at the stage of the recruitment interview.

How the company is presented during it will have a huge impact on the perception of the new employee.

So let’s make a great first impression together.

We will support the new member of your team in the proper adaptation. Let them get a chance to learn about the company’s vision, mission and strategic goals, as well as the organizational culture and everyday functioning.

This is a key moment to look at the basic rules and procedures regarding, for example, document circulation, internal communication, vacation reporting and IT equipment maintenance.

Competency model

The implementation of a properly defined competency model ensures the proper implementation of the company’s business goals.

What’s more, it is the list of competences and their division into key, functional and leadership ones that allows you to make informed decisions in the context of proper assigning of tasks to the right (competent) employees.

Such knowledge is invaluable for HR departments, because only then can they accurately plan the development of employees, and thus properly manage the budget intended for this purpose.

As “Efficient” we know how to build competency models that contribute to the effective delivery of assigned goals, identification of talents in the company and performance management.

Interim HR management

Are you experiencing challenges in leading the change and managing HR function? Are you looking for support?

It means you’re in the right place! We’ll help you to idenfity and describe your business goals. Our support here is very clear – increase the value of your business. We’re bringing to the table our experience and knowledge on how to lead projects, manage crisis and change.

HR Experts recruitment

It’s not an easy job to identify, attract and hire effective and talented HR people.

The ones who really support implementation and execution of HR strategy in your company. We bring full engagement to support you in this challenge, because we know what are key skills and competencies, to lead HR Teams. We also know what people are needed to make it possible.

Building or restructuring a business

We’ll help you to make right decisions in the right time.

This will increase effectiveness of your company and improve its profitability. We’ll support you in a journey through reorganizing phase, paying attention to gain effectiveness and simultaneously lowering costs of newly established structures.

Give yourself a shot to improve the condition of your business. You deserve it.

Offboarding and exit

We all know that exiting the company is complex and difficult process for both sides.

That’s the reason why we know it needs to be as least stressfull and painful as possible.

We’ll support you in going through this processes making sure, both sides will complete the formalities.


Restructuring may bring some negative consequences like layoffs and this isn’t a pleasant process for any business. In such cases w offer outplacement services. We’ll bring a support for those employees who are laid off and help them with:

  • professional career advisory
  • job search
  • developing skills & competencies
  • guidance & advisory during opening a business

Based on your needs, we’ll focus on agreed outcome: finding a new job or process itself – trainings and consultancy.

Employers which offer outplacement to their employees:

  • gain trust and loyalty of employees
  • significantly reduce court cases risk
  • are much more effective in keeping their brand strong and recognizable

Based on the above, try to answer the question: Is it worth taking care of this area?

We draw energy from working together to develop optimal HR solutions that will develop the organizational culture of your business and increase employee engagement.