Employer Branding and change management

"The only thing that is constant is change"

Heraclitus of Ephesus

Employer Branding

Change management is a key element of conscious organization management.

Changes are needed, but they should be properly implemented so that the technologies provided or new systems can be properly used by a team of employees.

We know it from the autopsy, because:

Czynniki zewnętrzne wpływające na biznes

We know how important external factors influencing business are

Zwiększamy produktywność i efektywność

We increase productivity and efficiency

Wdrożenie i zarządzanie modelem kompetencyjnym

We strengthen the focus on the dynamic competency model

Wspieramy transparentność biznesu wśród pracowników

We support business transparency among employees

Zwiększamy zyski Twojego biznesu

We increase profits

Zmieniamy pomysły na sukces

We change ideas for success

Angażujemy zespoły w proces zmiany

We involve teams in the change process

Wspieramy właściwą priorytetyzację inicjatyw biznesu

We support the proper prioritization of business initiatives

Employer Branding

Employer branding combines the effectiveness of HR and the creativity of marketing.

However, in order for these worlds to work together smoothly, knowledge of trends, modern technologies and courage in creating new solutions that will effectively and quickly reach the young generation of experts entering the labor market is needed.

Employer branding łączy w sobie skuteczność HR i kreatywność marketingu
Employer branding łączy w sobie skuteczność HR i kreatywność marketingu.

We have it and we are happy to lend our knowledge and experience to your company.

You must remember that a well-prepared EB strategy will ensure lower employee turnover in your organization.

Our experience shows that more than half of the existing companies declare that they still do not have a specific EB strategy, at the same time emphasizing that having one would significantly facilitate attracting new recruits to the company.

We know that the most valuable employees – with experience of about 6 years – are not looking for a new job, because they already have one, but we also have the knowledge to find them.

Sprawdź naszą skuteczność w projektach Employer Branding

We will be up to the task if you entrust us with:

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

The key values of the organization should be authentic and credible, but above all unique and attractive.

They are what help candidates make decisions about choosing your company.

We will help you define them properly!

Employee & candidate experience

As efficient, we know that the entire recruitment process is important, from the job advertisement, through the application process, competency and recruitment interviews, to onboarding and training.

The experience gained from this process has a direct impact on the credibility of the employer.

Diagnosing the EB strategy

Do you need a diagnosis of the state of affairs in your organization?

Let’s look at both internal and external communication.

However, the main emphasis will be on the knowledge of your employees about the purpose of performing tasks and working conditions.

Exit Interview

The departing employee is one of the best sources of feedback on the company.

He has the courage to be painfully honest (because he’s already gone) and will tell you bluntly what he liked, but also discuss the aspects that need to be changed.

We will help you efficiently build a tool that will provide information about what is currently happening in your organization, collected during the Exit Interview.