Marketing is a bit more than websites design or Facebook publishing only.

Marketing is understanding the behaviors and real needs of your Customers. If you understand this, you’re on the right track to be successful.


Our Concept

We pay a lot of attention to analyze business strategies of our Customers.

Its effectiveness depends on a level of understanding your Consumers behaviors and once we know it, we’re able to offer implementing the right communication tools to reach your Consumers.


Przywiązujemy dużą wagę do analizy strategii biznesowych naszych Klientów.
Przywiązujemy dużą wagę do analizy strategii biznesowych naszych Klientów.
Zapewne dostrzegłeś już, że skuteczność tradycyjnego marketingu znacznie spadła

You’ve probably realized already that a traditional marketing isn’t effective any longer.

You’re bombarded with ads, which don’t bring any value to your business.

What if searching for information about the products you are interested became a journey? You experience while searching and you decide when to take a break.

Zapewne dostrzegłeś już, że skuteczność tradycyjnego marketingu znacznie spadła

In marketing these breaks are called:


Zero Moment of Truth


First Moment of Truth


Second Moment of Truth


Third Moment of Truth

ZMOT is the most important one – it defines what emotions will accompany your potential Consumer on last two stops. 

That’s why we focus so much on this stage in your business and we do everything to ensure your company is discovered or found and rated as the one that can be trusted.

Have you caught the attention

That’s great. Now you need to guide your potential Consumer through a shaky bridge from a “Potential Consumer” point to a “Loyal Consumer”.

In order to continue this journey without any fear, we’ll prepare your communications for you.

Starting from visual identification, we’ll move to websites through social media and preparing your blogging activity.

Przykułeś uwagę?
Przykułeś uwagę?

What is ZMOT?

Don’t make your Consumers search! 

Let us prepare your marketing in a way your Consumers receive right information.

We’ll serve it in a place where they search in an easily accessible way.

Areas of our support for you:

Internet Analytics

Allow us to analyze the way your Consumers search the information they need.

Based on our outcomes, we’ll build up personas for your business and project the communication model that makes reaching your Consumers much easier and also creates experience they build during ZMOT (Zero Moment od Truth).

Winning ZMOT

You’ll get all necessary tools to catch the attention of Consumers at the searching stage already.

Winning ZMOT will never be closer than now. You just need to reach out.

Designing Experience

Struggling with finding time to more creative activities?

We’ll create advertising campaign that raises interest of your company. When you support your Consumers in realizing their needs, you’ll trigger emotions that start leading to buy your product or service.

Taking care of Consistency

Consistency between your ads and purchasing experience of your product or service allows to avoid a chaos, that may discourage a potential Consumer.

Visual Identification



Reviews Management


Google ADS

Video – YouTube

Social Media

Pricing comparisons

Expert image management

E-mail Marketing

Customer service