Gartner surveyed 150 decision makers responsible for finances in companies.

It turned out that after introducing RPA solutions, i.e. a technology that automates repetitive business processes with the use of computer programs, working time could be reduced by 30%.


Robotization and automation are elements that relieve the team from repetitive and tedious tasks.

It is thanks to automation that employees gain the opportunity to use their time for high-priority or more creative activities, where it is difficult to replace a human with a robot.

This in turn leads to better productivity, and job satisfaction is a nice side effect.

According to a study by Salesforce, today’s sales specialists spend only 34% of their time on sales. Why?

Because they spend the rest of their time generating sales offers. What if the proportions were reversed?

We will identify those activities that are worth spending time and energy on. We’ll give the rest to the robots.


The implementation of automation (BPA – Business Process Automation) does not generate high costs, but sometimes it may require reengineering.

On the other hand, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a technology that enables the implementation of a robot that, working on the user level in the software, will replace it in repetitive activities.

What will you gain by implementing automation and RPA:

Perfect information flow between departments in the company

Faster implementation of tasks

More efficient customer service

Better control of costs and process effects

Limitation of human error

Time for creative tasks

Increasing competitiveness

Zobacz, co dzi臋ki nam zyskasz

And the whole thing will be crowned with the satisfaction of employees who will be able to develop in creative tasks that pose a greater challenge to their competences.

Zobacz, co dzi臋ki nam zyskasz

Does the whole thing seem complicated to you? We will support you and take on:

Identyfikacja zada艅 powtarzalnych

Identification of repetitive tasks

Identyfikacja punkt贸w krytycznych w procesach

Identification of critical points in processes

Weryfikacja kana艂贸w obs艂ugi Klienta

Verification of customer service channels

Audyt automatyzacji proces贸w

Process automation audit

Audyt funkcji HR i audyt u偶yteczno艣ci CRM

Usability audit of CRM, ERP, BPM

Rekomendacje usprawnie艅

Recommendations for improvements

Szkolenia pracownik贸w

Staff training

Wdro偶enie rekomendacji

Implementation of the recommendation

Do you know processes that can be successfully automated? For example:

Communication with the client

Recruitment (selection stage)

Debt collection

Employee onboarding

E-mail marketing

Design work

Complaints service